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12/24/2005 - Merry Xmas - posted by Lars

Hey friends, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

12/19/2005 - The Riddle - posted by Lars

Hello everybody! Here is a new feature to my page: The TenThousandBands-Riddle! I made a crossword-like riddle for you to solve. The first, who solves it complete (finds all bands hidden) gets a free space! So have fun and please tell all your buddies! Give me feedback, if you like it!

PS: There is also a Forum now for discussion.

12/14/2005 - More Press Reports - posted by Lars

I added a lot more press reports at my Press page, check it out. Interesting, gives by far the best search results, beats google and yahoo! I did not expect this. Perhaps sometime we should use alternative search engines ...

12/07/2005 - Deal For Bands & Press Reports - posted by Lars

I added more press reports at my Press page, check it out. If you find more somewhere, please let me know!

There is a new special deal for bands: Send me one CD of your band and get one space for free! I think this is a fair trade, what do you think? Details can be found on my Buy Spaces page here.

12/06/2005 - New English Campaign Starting - posted by Lars

I got some new English press reports and just started my English promotion campaign yesterday. There are still bonus for the next 2 buyers available!

11/22/2005 - First Space Sold & News - Day 22 - posted by Lars

Now things are starting to roll! :) I probably sold the first Space yesterday, after publishing a news. And now with some more articles I hope this will go on.

I added the press articles on my press page. Check it out and feel free to link them!

11/21/2005 - First Buyers Advantage- Day 21 - posted by Lars

My page finally got listed by Google! Woohoo! Now people should be able to find my page! Great! :) I added the google-pagerank.

What do you think, should I start adding more ads to famous band's sites?

And hey, here is a deal for the first buyers: The first, who buys spaces gets 3 spaces additional for free (So if you buy one, you get four, if you buy 3 you get 6). The second one gets two for free and the third buyer one additional without any costs!

11/11/2005 - Start of promotion - Day 11 - posted by Lars

I fixed some more bugs and changed some texts to make my offers more understandable. There is only one page for ads. The genres buttons at the menubar are only filters to hide ads of other genres.
I also started to promote my page. So please feel free to tell everybody about it.

11/09/2005 - First ads - Day 9 - posted by Lars

I'm a little behind my plans. Almost nobody knows from my website, yet. I had some really busy days, so I had to push the plans for this page back a little.
The first spaces are filled. I added some ads, so every genre has now at least one. Happy exploring!

11/04/2005 - Online - Day 4 - posted by Lars

I fixed some mistakes (Thx to Julia!!) and started to show the page to some friends. Only positive feedback so far. Seems like everybody likes my idea. :-)

11/01/2005 - Online - Day 1 - posted by Lars

The page is completed and online now! Wohhoo! The tell-a-friend function is also working now, so feel free and recommend our site to everybody you know!

I have to test a little more and fix some bugs and mistakes, so if you find some, please let me know. The following days I will start to promote the page.

10/28/2005 - News section - posted by Lars

I added this page to the site and wrote down the little history, so everybody can see why I made this page and how it develops.

Urban will be an additional genre to chose, I felt that Urban, Rap, Soul, Hip Hop and R'n'B do not fit in the Rock or Pop case all the time. And this genre is popular as never before right now. So lovers of black music will be happy to have their favorite to choose, wouldn't they?

10/27/2005 - It's getting serious - posted by Lars

I got my domain registration. I started filling the pages of the site with content. I set up a PayPal account and put a description together.

My server is already running, waiting for the pages. My goal is to get the page online on the 1st of November. Latest the week after!

I marked a few spaces on the "ad-map" as reserved for special features, which I want to add later, if the page kicks of. I really would love to see it grow. I think about a forum to add, so people can talk right here about the page and new music, they have found. But i have to push this away a little. Basic features have to be finished first.

10/25/2005 - One step closer - posted by Lars

I found a domain name and applied for registration today. My page will be called First I thought of, but I have 10,000 spaces to fill, so a possible maximum would be Ten Thousand, even if there will never be Ten Thousand exactly, because you are able to buy more than one space for one ad.

I also fixed the price for the spaces. It will be $10 USD per space, so only $0.10 USD per pixel. This is just 10% of the price of the milliondollarhomepage. But my goal is not to become a millionaire. I want to wind up an exciting place for music-lovers!

I hope this price will compensate the costs for web server, traffic and so on.

Further I made the design of the page today and I added a few useful new functions. So there will be a filter for music-genres. Everybody will be able to view just the ads of the genre he likes. The genres will be Pop, Rock, Elektro, Jazz and Classic. This should fit all. I don't want to separate it too much, otherwise it would be really hard to chose the right genre.

And the ad space has clearly laid out numbers for rows and columns, so it will be child's play to choose, identify and submit your wanted space.

10/23/2005 - The idea is born - posted by Lars

Today I got the idea to start a own page using the concept of the milliondollarhomepage. But i thought of something useful for the visitors of my page. So I decided to give the page a special topic. And of course the first, which came into my mind was music. Music is great, how sad would the world be, if there were no music?!

So the topic of the page was chosen. I want to make my page to the most exciting place to discover new music. So people who come to my page have already the intention to search and find great new melodies.

I started thinking of a domain name and a concept and made some plans. I like the idea...

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